Rachel Parkinson
Meet Our Team

Rachel Parkinson, MSWI
Intern Therapist

Therapist: children, teens, adults
Appointments: in-person and telehealth
Location: Riverton

Rachel is a therapist intern currently in the second and final year of the Master of Social Work program at Brigham Young University. Rachel received her undergraduate degree from BYU in Human Development within the School of Family Life. She has had experience working with mothers with postpartum depression and anxiety, forensic clients, behavioral issues seen in teen clients, as well as perfectionism and anxiety. Her primary modalities include cognitive behavioral therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy. She also focuses work on improving self-compassion.

Rachel is passionate about creating a safe space for each of her clients while helping them add coping skills to their ‘tool kit’ in order to improve functioning and increase well-being. Rachel believes in unconditional positive regard for each of her clients as she works to help them unlock their ultimate potential. She has seen the value of therapy in the lives of her clients and strives to respect the autonomy and vulnerability that is facilitated through therapy.

In her free time, you can find Rachel teaching dance lessons, hanging out with her family, going to get dessert with her husband or traveling.