Chelsea Davenport


Authenticity, humility, and non-judgement are values that Chelsea commits to integrating into practice. The majority of her professional career has involved supporting youth and young adults in various settings including wilderness and court-mandated programs. Topics have included healthy communication and conflict resolution, effective navigation of anxiety, and the development of a greater sense of resilience, agency, identity, and meaning. Chelsea's hope is that she approaches topics with curiosity and compassion and that she holds peoples' stories in a way that helps the heavier parts begin to lose their power.

Chelsea's goal is to help support people in gaining greater awareness of their experience and the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that comprise it; to build upon strengths; and to foster resilience and community. Highlighting incongruences can help guide in a collaborative approach to healing, growth, and dismantling cycles of shame.

Chelsea employs cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and systems theory as primary therapeutic modalities. She hopes to become obsolete: that clients are equipped with the awareness and skillset they need to navigate challenging moments as you move forward. She firmly believe that humor and pets make life infinitely more rich and likely will encourage you to adopt 17.

1273 W 12600 S Suite 403

Riverton, UT 84065


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