Getting Started

Are you ready to connect with Mountain View Family Therapy? We can’t wait to learn more about you and to work together to plan a healthy, happy path forward.

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Step 1 ~ Browse Our Therapists

Use the button below to browse our providers. We have a team of wonderful clinicians who can help with trauma, depression, anxiety, and many other concerns. You’ll see that we offer child, adult and couples services, along with groups and workshops to accommodate your lifestyle and needs. Feel free to view our providers’ photos and read more about them.

We are also happy to help match you to a provider by phone.

Step 2 ~ Request an Appointment

Once you’ve browsed our providers, you can request an appointment through our chat or by completing the appointment form. If you’re more comfortable by phone, you can call our client care coordinator at 801-930-0411 at any time during business hours as well.

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Step 3 ~ Complete the Paperwork

Mountain View Family Therapy is a paperless practice. After scheduling your appointment, our client care coordinator will send you a digital link to your intake paperwork. Please fill out the forms within 48 hour to avoid having your appointment rescheduled. Please note, the forms take about 10-15 minutes to complete, as they include questions that help your provider get to know you. Sessions cannot start without completed intake forms.