Colleagues Working Together

You’ve worked hard to get where you are.

Six years of college, student loans, internships, sacrifices of time and energy, and we get that.  Now is time for the payoff.  You deserve to be part of a team where you can work with the type of clients that inspire you, where you are supported in your role as a therapist, and where you can just focus on what you love--helping others feel better.


Mountain View Family Therapy has two main priorities:  helping our clients reach their mental health goals and helping our team feel connected, supported and fulfilled.  We believe that these two goals support each other and create a culture that allows for growth and healthy change.  Let us show you how much your happiness matters to us!  

Let’s Be Clear: 

Sometimes we will ask you to do things that are inconvenient or even hard.  This may look like completing progress notes within 48 hours or reaching out to clients when they haven’t been seen in awhile.  This may take time and effort, but it shows our clients and community that we care.  


Let’s Be Real:

We believe in being authentic and human. This means we may be a good fit for you or we may not.  We’re willing to explore this and see if our goals are compatible.  We believe in creating a unified culture based on trust, honesty and teamwork.  We put a lot of faith in our team members and in turn provide great support and flexibility.  We love adding team members who also embrace authenticity, unity and integrity.

Let’s Be Positive:

Positivity plays a critical role at Mountain View Family Therapy. We avoid drama and negativity at all costs as they quickly erode the supportive culture we’ve worked so hard to create.  We believe that your work environment should be fun, challenging, and inspiring. We seek people with positive attitudes who are ready to inspire their coworkers and clients.


Let’s Be Fair:

We want every member of our team to be fairly compensated for their efforts.  We may not be the highest paying practice, but we offer a fair rate with plenty of opportunity to earn more through our weekly productivity bonus.  We also offer insurance benefits for full time, paid time for documentation, paid clinical supervision and consultation, paid vacation time (even for part-timers!) and tons of other support!

  • We provide a robust onboarding process to help you get acclimated to MVFT. 

  • We can fill your caseload very quickly if you know how to retain a client. 

  • We provide the ongoing tools you need to succeed like full credentialing support, paid team consultation and a supportive clinical team. 

Here Are A Few Reasons Why You Will Love MVFT:

  1. We find clients for you!  Our reputation stands alone which means existing clients refer their friends and family.  We’re located in a prime area which brings us closer to families, schools and businesses making it easier for clients to attend therapy.  Our new clinicians have full schedules in just days to several weeks.  

  2. We are supportive.  Our administrative team takes care of billing, client screening and scheduling, credentialing and more so that you can focus on therapy.  We want you to bring your unique style, training and experience to help our clients with their needs.  We provide additional training, resources and CEU’s to encourage learning and professional development.  

  3. We are flexible.  We offer both in person and teletherapy options for our clients which allows you maximum flexibility for your personal and professional needs.  Of course we have a minimum expectation but we reward those who go above and beyond. 

  4. We are creative and innovative.  Mountain View Family Therapy thrives on developing new ways to support our clients, streamline our processes and be more efficient in our work.  This means we are open to feedback and are constantly finding new ways to make our work easier and better. 

The Reasons You Would NOT Like MVFT:

​We want to be straight with you right from the start.  There are definitely reasons why you might not like us, so we want to share those up front.  We value your time and our time, so keep reading to see if we’re still a match.​

  1. We have high expectations. We expect our therapists to be committed to their work.  We have clinicians at different levels of experience and even provide internships for graduate students.  So we know your clinical skills development may still be a work in progress.  That’s ok.  We provide supervision and support, but we expect you to do your best and to speak up when you’re not feeling confident so that we can help.  

  2. You can't cancel on your clients because you don't feel like talking to them that day. Cancellations are for emergency situations only. We encourage our therapists to engage in healthy self care along with good time management. 

  3. You must comply with our office policies. Policies are created to keep order, and we all know how much we need that!


You must prioritize documentation. We know it’s probably not your favorite part of the job, but we will do all we can to support you through tips and training. (Our goal is for therapists to complete notes in 10 minutes or less, and we train you in ways to be successful with that.)  Proper documentation ensures our clients are being served properly and also fulfills compliance requirements of our funding sources.

Still With Us? Great! Here Are The Next Steps:


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Schedule a Phone/Video Screen


Get Ready For An Official Interview!


We can’t wait to review your application and get to know you better!  We love adding new team members who share our passion for reducing the pain and suffering of our community.  If you’re driven, have integrity and truly care about making a difference, you might be just who we’re looking for!  

Chelsea Davenport 


"Mountain View has been a wonderfully supportive work environment and I have felt welcomed even with the unique circumstances associated with a pandemic. I especially appreciate the culture and emphasis on learning and growth at the practice. Clinicians are open to sharing their insight and experience and are committed to quality care and support for clients. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with clients of various experiences and ages as well. It has been a rewarding position thus far and a fabulous team to be a part of."

Reevkah Hokanson

Therapist Intern

 "Everyone at MVFT is kind, easy to work with, and willing to help with any questions I've had. I appreciate the way that staff members and clinicians communicate with each other. The clients who come to MVFT are great to work with and have made my experience even more enjoyable than I expected!"

Jamie Sceili.jpg

Jamie Sceili


"I love working for MVFT.  The culture is one of unity, support and collaboration - it's unique to find an environment where everyone cares, everyone does their part and everyone matters.  Each team member brings a unique perspective that helps shape the culture at MVFT that enriches our environment and interactions with one another both personally and professionally."