Counseling Services

At Mountain View Family Therapy, we are an experienced team of therapists, nurse practitioners and support staff who harness the power of compassion, connection and trust to promote healing.

  • Play Therapy
  • Autism
  • Kids
  • Teens
  • Group
  • Medication Management
  • Trauma-Focused CBT
  • Couples
  • EMDR

Types of Therapy Offered

Mountain View Family Therapy has multiple therapists who offer specialized services. We focus on matching you with the therapist who can best support you based on your needs and goals. Combined, we have over 30 years of experience working with children, teens and adults. We also have many clients who feel comfortable referring those they know to Mountain View Family Therapy for support. That is the highest compliment we can receive. We know that it takes courage to reach out, and we are committed to making the process as easy as possible.

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Child & Adolescent Therapy

Children can benefit from therapy for many different situations. We help children learn strong boundaries and assertiveness skills that can improve safety and healthy relationships. They can also learn new coping skills to deal with strong emotions that arise in many daily life situations. Self-esteem and compliance can also be strengthened through therapy services. We specialize in treatment of complex childhood issues including trauma, anxiety, depression, healthy boundaries, increased self-confidence, special medical or emotional needs, bonding, and behavior modification.

Teenage years are often a great time of transition. As teens try to learn to navigate the world and be more independent, there may be more stressors than ever before and anxiety can be at an all time high. Therapy can help teens learn healthy relationships and coping skills that improve family interactions, academic performance and social engagement.

Individual Therapy

Life can be overwhelming. Individual therapy can be a great tool to help navigate life’s rocky waters. Through individual therapy sessions, we can help you create a plan to better cope with issues like depression, anxiety, loss, trauma history, life transitions, abuse and neglect, domestic violence, and more.

Individual therapy provides an ideal environment to get extra support with parenting concerns and training, learning better communication and exploring any other topics that are important in your life.

We make sure that all that can happen in a safe, judgment-free space where you can share as much or as little as you’re comfortable sharing. You don’t have to keep carrying the burdens alone. We’re here to carry them with you.

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Couples Therapy

Relationships can be complex, even in the best of circumstances. We are hard-wired to want to connect with others, and the relationships in our lives can be some of the most fulfilling, and at the same time, some of the most difficult parts of our lives.

Creating healthy relationships is something that requires time, energy and tools. If you’re finding that the spark you once felt isn’t quite as strong, or you’d like to level up your relationship, couples counseling can give you tools to reach your relationship goals.

Research tells us that couples typically wait six years or more after the need first arises to reach out for help. Don’t wait. Start finding greater fulfillment in your relationship today. Let us help.

Family Therapy

At Mountain View Family Therapy we understand that being part of a family can be both a source of joy and stress. Our family therapy services are designed to support relationship development, open communication, and improved coping with life experiences and parenting support.

Families come in all shapes and sizes, and we are here to support all types of families, including traditional, blended, and non-traditional families. Our team of experienced therapists will work with you and your family to identify your unique areas of concern and develop a personalized treatment plan that will help you achieve your goals. We want to help you strengthen healthy relationships, learn to better manage stress within the family, improve compliance of children, and increase kind, loving communication.

We believe that therapy is most effective when it is a team effort, and we welcome all members of the family to participate in the process. Our therapists will work with you to create a safe and non-judgmental environment where everyone can express their thoughts and feelings.

Don’t let stress and tension strain your family relationships. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and start the journey to a stronger, healthier family.

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Nurse practitioner explaining medicine to patient

Medication Management

Medication can be a complementary tool to utilize alongside therapy treatment. Our nurse practitioners collaborate with our therapists to offer relevant, beneficial medication management services.

Current clients can use the following links to follow-up regarding their medication:

​For Medication Requests, click

For General concerns for Nurse Practitioners, click:

For Concerns about Medication Side Effects, click:

After filling out a form, you can expect a response within 2 business days. Please make every effort to request medication one week in advance. You can also request a refill through your pharmacy for medication that is not controlled if that is easier for you.