At Mountain View Family Therapy, your happiness matters.

Our team of therapists, nurse practitioners and support staff will be completely focused  on helping you experience more happiness in life.

Two Convenient Locations

In-person and telehealth services for children, teens, and adults.

Mountain View Family Therapy has multiple providers who offer specialized mental health services. We focus on matching you with the provider who can best support you based on your needs and goals. Combined, we have over 130 years of experience working with children, teens and adults.

Your Happiness Matters!

Your friend’s happiness, your child’s happiness, your partner’s happiness all matter to you. You go out of your way to care for others, but when it comes to your own happiness, do you find yourself at the bottom of the list way too often?

You don’t have to stop caring for others, but you may find more fulfillment and joy when you care for you too.

Let’s make your happiness a priority together.


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Healing Sessions


Lives Changed

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Is Therapy
Right for Me?

Glad you asked! We’ll answer your question with a question: when was the last time you did something just for you? Usually by the time our clients are reaching out to us, they are way overdue for a chance to just breathe and be heard. Let us make you the priority for one hour.

We encourage you to schedule an initial appointment to experience what we have to offer. No long term commitment required!