Mission. Values. Vision.


At Mountain View Family Therapy, we offer outpatient skills-based mental health services to children, teens and adults. Our effort is strengthened by a foundation of three core principles aimed at helping our clients improve their emotional health and experience greater fulfillment in their lives:


We understand that reaching out for support can be difficult. That’s why we prioritize the creation of a trusting relationship as early as possible in the therapy process. We value both your experience and your emotions. We consider it a sacred privilege to be invited to join you on your journey.


We believe that healing often starts when compassion is given. When we feel heard, we are better able to begin to work through the barriers that prevent us from finding true happiness in our lives.


Whatever our path in life, we consider connection to be one of the most enriching parts of our experience. Through connection with our clients, we create an environment of strength and growth. At Mountain View Family Therapy, we want you to know that you are never alone.


It is our professional purpose to support our clients in their healing through individual, couples, family and group sessions, as well as with medication management services.

What our company values

We strive to achieve positive client outcomes by providing a positive experience for patients and staff members alike. A positive work environment allows our clinicians to provide the best support to our clients.

What our clients value about us

Our clients value our emphasis on connection as it allows us to develop meaningful relationships that become powerful agents of change. Our clients value our commitment to them and our focus on validation of their feelings and experiences. They value our flexibility and willingness to explore multiple paths toward their healing and to remain fully present with them during the journey.

What our staff values about us

Everyone at Mountain View Family Therapy focuses on nurturing the positive wellbeing of our clients. To achieve this, we foster a positive company culture that encourages and supports staff members in their endeavors.

Happiness should not be optional


Happiness should not be optional; we believe that everyone deserves to feel safe, accepted, and valued simply because they exist. They also deserve the opportunity to access the tools and support they need to reach their potential.

In today’s world, it’s all too commonplace for people to struggle with stress and anxiety on their own. We understand people often need assistance navigating through those struggles. We aim to cultivate an environment where strong bonds are built through sharing time together, memorable experiences, kindness, and service.

​Our clinicians and staff truly believe that every person’s happiness matters, and we strive to provide a safe, compassionate atmosphere of acceptance where people are valued to support their journey toward happiness.