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Mountain View Family Therapy has multiple therapists who offer specialized services. We focus on matching you with the therapist who can best support you based on your needs and goals. Combined, we have over 100 years of experience working with children, teens and adults. We also have many clients who feel comfortable referring those they know to Mountain View Family Therapy for support. That is the highest compliment we can receive. We know that it takes courage to reach out, and we are committed to making the process as easy as possible. We value the opportunity to be a part of your journey.


We invite you to contact us for more information.

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Maria Johnson, LCSW

Therapist (Adults)

Maria is a skilled Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She has over 20 years of experience working with individuals and families that face a variety of issues. Her approach is one of active engagement, attentive listening, and empathic support. Maria is also EMDR trained. Her overall philosophy is one of unconditional positive regard and a belief that individuals can overcome the challenges they are facing. She strives to understand each person's concerns, needs, and goals for therapy. She creates an environment where people have the freedom to explore their thoughts and feelings in a safe, nonjudgmental environment.

Your happiness matters because every person deserves to experience contentment and peace in life.  Healing our pains can empower us to love ourselves and others more authentically. This process is empowering and freeing, giving ourselves the ability  to live life more fully and joyfully.  Seeing people move from a place of frustration to hope is a journey worth taking.

Ka'lei Kendal

Therapist (Children and Young Adults)

Ka'lei is a licensed clinical social worker who specializes in working with clients with backgrounds of trauma, abuse, anxiety, depression and those who have an autism spectrum disorder (low, moderate and higher functioning autism). She also works well with adoption, special needs and medical issues.  Ka'lei received her Masters of Social Work from The University of Utah and a Bachelors of Social Work from Utah Valley University in addition to a Minor in Autism Studies from Utah Valley University.


Ka'lei takes a person centered approach with all of her clients and recognizes that a person is more than their individual challenges and struggles, they are also their strengths, hobbies, interests, relationships with others and more. Ka'lei recognizes that when all of these aspects are included into treatment greater gains can be experienced. Ka'lei has called Utah home for the past 10 years, and she enjoys spending her free time with her daughter and her dog.

Happiness for me is found in our day to day social interactions and activities of daily living. I want to help each of my clients, and by extension their families, find this joy and increase it in their lives. This is why the happiness of each of my clients matters to me.

Laura Gengler, CSW

Therapist (Teens & Adults)

Laura is passionate about helping people be their best, happiest selves. She takes a strengths-based approach to support clients in overcoming a variety of personal life-challenges. She enjoys working with teenagers and adults struggling with anxiety, depression, grief/loss, life transitions and relationship issues. Her therapeutic style is cognitive behavioral therapy in conjunction with mindfulness skills, but she believes in being flexible and open-minded when choosing specific therapy interventions, keeping in mind the unique needs of each client.


Laura earned MSW from the University of Utah. She is also a wife, mother, and grandmother. She adores her family, and when she's not spending time with them, she enjoys playing with her dog, going on long walks, reading, and occasionally golfing.

Our clients’ happiness is so important! It’s beautiful to watch as the healing begins and hope returns, or is found for the first time, the happiness organically shows up.

Katie Simpson, CSW

Therapist (Kids, Teens, Group)

Katie Simpson is a certified social worker who graduated from the University of Utah. Her academic focus was on child welfare, and she also has a school social work certificate. She has experience with children of all ages in various educational and therapeutic settings as a preschool teacher's aide, intern school social worker, and therapist. She focuses on play therapy, solution-focused therapy, mindfulness, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Her goal is to empower clients to recognize their own strengths and to use those strengths to get through difficult life situations they may encounter. She's passionate about social justice and amplifying the voices of marginalized and oppressed groups. 

Your happiness matters because YOU matter. You are powerful. You are resilient. You are you. There is no greater honor than to be part of this healing journey with you.

Cathi Sessions, LCSW

Therapist (Couples, Adults)

Cathi is a licensed clinical social worker. She has worked as an in-home therapist in the Salt Lake and West Valley area. She has taught communication classes for couples in the community. Cathi has a great deal and compassion for those struggling with symptoms of anxiety, depression, postpartum, child abuse and neglect, trauma, grief, trauma and especially those experiencing stresses in their marriage and family. She uses a variety of treatments to help those seeking help including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Couples Communication, Compassion Focused, Imago, EMDR, Trauma Focused, Psychoeducational, and Strength based modality. Cathi's educational background includes a Bachelor of Behavioral Science and a Masters of Social Work at the University of Utah.

When clients are in a state of distress it makes it difficult for them to access a state of contentment and pleasure. Helping my clients to become aware of their inner mind and the way their bodies respond to those thoughts help them to access their happiness. I feel this is my most important work. 
Cal Fotheringham.jpg

Cal Fotheringham, CSW

Therapist (Teens & Adults)

Cal is driven to help people find the most productive way through life's choices by using evidence based programs. He has worked with couples, teens and people struggling with anxiety, depression, grief, addiction, ADHD, autism, eating disorders and communication challenges. Several of his favorite opportunities have come from seeing people heal their relationships when there appeared to be no hope. His life experience provides insight to the difficulties others face when loved ones make hurtful decisions. His approach focuses on gratitude, mindfulness and meditation while broadening people's strengths. 

Cal graduated from Utah State University with a Masters of Social Work. He enjoys mountain biking, running, snow skiing, and boating with his family. 

I have been extremely blessed in my life. Some of my greatest blessings have come from incredibly difficult life experiences. It is very rewarding to help others through their difficulties and share many of the insights that helped me heal and develop hope. I love the connection that develops as we work through life's imperfections.
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Reevkah Hokansen, CSW

Therapist (Children, Teens & Adults)

Reevkah is a therapist who leads with empathy and compassion. Her primary therapy modalities are cognitive behavior therapy, self-compassion and talk therapy. Reevkah believes that people have the ability to create and find happiness. Reevkah is passionate about helping people feel confident about themselves and discover the joy they’re searching for. She is particularly drawn to working with women, mothers and anyone struggling to love themself. Reevkah provides support to clients who are working through “mom guilt” and other challenges that accompany motherhood. Additionally, Reevkah enjoys working with teenage clients. 


Reevkah received a Master's of Social Work degree with an emphasis in Mental Health from the University of Utah. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Family Studies and Psychology from Brigham Young University. She is happy to cheer for both schools and believes that every person brings important contributions to the table. 


Reevkah grew up near Portland, Oregon, but has lived in Utah for the past six years. She enjoys hiking with her husband and son and loves watching a show on Netflix when she needs a break.  

Nearly everyone I know has a desire to feel happy. This can be difficult to imagine when you're feeling stress, anxiety, depression, grief, etc. I hope to guide you through the difficult emotions so that you can discover the happiness that you desire. Feeling happy is important and I am grateful to support you throughout your journey to get there.

Katie Rose McMahon, CSW

Therapist (Children, Teens & Adults)

Katierose McMahon is a Certified Social Worker who graduated from the University of Utah. Her specialty is in child welfare. Katierose has experience with teens and adults from many walks of life. She focuses on family systems theory, solution-focused therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Her main goal is to help clients be able to better recognize their emotions to better regulate strong emotions by using coping skills. 

My clients' happiness matters to me because I want to see others succeed and become the best versions of themselves.  
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Raul Rios Raya, CSW

CSW Therapist (Kids, Teens, Adults)

Raul graduated from Utah State University with a Masters Degree in Social Work.  He also has an educational background in sociology and anthropology, studying cultures and their unique interactions. 

Raul has over 6 years of experience in Child Welfare supporting families all across the Salt Lake Valley. He has also been a support to many grieving families dealing with end of life transitions. Raul approaches clients with compassion, dedication and empathy using a cognitive behavioral therapy framework. 

My clients' happiness matters to me because it helps facilitate change and eases the path toward success in their goals and personal ambitions.

Jamie Sceili, CSW

CSW Therapist (Kids, Teens, Adults)

Jamie is an advocate for others to find peace and balance in their lives.  Jamie believes everyone has value and finds joy supporting her clients through their own journey of self-discovery.  Jamie believes in empathic, active listening and engagement with her clients.  Jamie believes her clients can overcome any challenge or obstacle and is humbled to be included in their journey.  Jamie finds an eclectic modality of therapies such as CBT, DBT, ACT, Self-Compassion and Mindfulness/Meditation as tools to help guide clients in therapy.  Jamie has also recently trained in EMDR.

Jamie is a graduate of Utah State University Master of Social Work program and a Baccalaureate of Science in Family Studies at Utah State - Go Aggies! Jamie has experience with school social work and inpatient psychiatry.  Jamie has been with Mountain View Family Therapy for nearly 3 years and loves being part of a unique practice of skilled and caring clinicians.  

Life can be challenging and when we're in a good space we show up better to deal with challenges.  I am honored to support clients navigate finding their happiness so they can enjoy the life they desire and deserve.
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Rachel Steele, CSW

CSW Therapist (Teens, Adults)

Rachel is excited to join Mountain View Family Therapy as a Certified Social Worker from Sunny Southern Utah where she will strictly be providing teletherapy. Rachel is a positive person who loves to meet clients where they’re at while providing the support and advocacy for them to reach their goals. She strives to create a safe and nonjudgmental atmosphere for her clients where they can feel valued and understood. Having experience in child welfare, Rachel has a compassionate heart for all, with a greater understanding for those who have experienced abuse, neglect, and trauma. Rachel desires to help her clients find happiness in their lives by validating, encouraging, and walking alongside them. Rachel is a client centered therapist who utilizes a variety of modalities including talk therapy, CBT, and EMDR.

Rachel is originally from California and moved to Utah 16 years ago. She is married to her high school sweetheart and together they have 5 children. Outside of work, Rachel loves to support her children in their many interests from baseball to theater. Being from California, Rachel also loves Disneyland and the Los Angeles Dodgers!

Life can be challenging and when we're in a good space we show up better to deal with challenges.  I am honored to support clients navigate finding their happiness so they can enjoy the life they desire and deserve.
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Gail Bennett, LCSW

LCSW Therapist (Teens & Adults)

Gail is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  She got her bachelor's degree from Utah Valley University where she also earned a leadership certificate and was a UV Leader, Mentor.  Her Masters of Social Work is from University of Utah where she did an internship at DCFS.  Gail has worked in a variety of settings including residential treatment for women and children.  Gail believes that people do things for a reason, and she likes to get to the root of the problem.  Her approach is straight forward with empathy.  Gail uses a variety of approaches.  She has been trained in EMDR, Flash, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.  She was born in Pennsylvania.  She has also lived in California, Florida, Idaho and Utah.  She is the oldest of 10 children with 7 brothers. 

Life can be challenging and when we're in a good space we show up better to deal with challenges.  I am honored to support clients navigate finding their happiness so they can enjoy the life they desire and deserve.

Abi Scoma, MSW Intern

(Teens & Adults)

Abi Scoma is currently studying clinical social work. She is passionate about working with teenagers and adults, especially during times of transition. She has worked in the mental health field since 2016 when she graduated with her undergrad at Utah Valley University in Family Studies. Before going back to graduate school, she was a river guide in the Grand Canyon, living in a van and working in substance abuse and wilderness treatment therapy whenever she wasn't on the river. After living nomadically for a few years, she knew she wanted to build a life instead of chasing it.


Abi feels it is a deep honor and privilege to sit with those in their hardest moments and be a witness. When she is not working, she is rock climbing or hiking with her sweet pup and husband. 

Life can be challenging and when we're in a good space we show up better to deal with challenges.  I am honored to support clients navigate finding their happiness so they can enjoy the life they desire and deserve.

Nurse Practitioners

Emily Photo.jpg

Emily Richards, FNP

Medication Manager

Emily grew up in Idaho Falls, Idaho and relocated to Utah to be near family. She is a Family Nurse Practitioner with fifteen years of mental health and psychiatric nursing experience. She is a 2019 graduate of Brigham Young University with her Master’s in Nursing. She also has a Master’s in Public Health which she has used to help address clean water and disaster recovery in the Dominican Republic as well as to solve local problems in Utah and Idaho. She is a volunteer with the American Red Cross Disaster Action team, responding to local and regional disasters and house fires. 

She completed a Spanish-speaking internship with the Pan American Health Organization in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and a Spanish-speaking mission in Louisiana. She loves all things Cajun, Creole, and Caribbean. Her favorite foods are shrimp étouffée, rolled tacos, and mangú. She loves to cook for her family and friends; her specialties—café río pork pizza and rolled tacos.
Emily loves nature and is an avid hiker. She has hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon four times (and back up again). She also loves to learn new things and has recently taken up rockhounding and canyoneering. Her absolute favorite thing to do is spend time with family and friends. She is the favorite aunt of five nieces and ten nephews.

She is an advocate for mental health, public health, and nurse practitioner practice. She is an active member of the Utah Nurse Practitioners association where she serves on the legislative committee. She is also an active member of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association and its local Utah chapter. She is currently working to advance mental health nursing as a clinical instructor for BYU.

"Happiness is contentment with the present that hints at hope in the future.  Sonja Lyubomirsky defines happiness well:  “the experience of joy, contentment, or positive well-being, combined with a sense that one’s life is good, meaningful, and worthwhile." Happiness is not the absence of negative emotions, but the patient perspective that our experience in life is more than the sum of our thoughts and feelings. I believe that all people can find happiness as they accept their life as the gift it is and live it well."

Brittany Naylor.jpg

Brittany Naylor, APRN

Medication Management

Brittany is a Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, certified to treat clients of all ages, with ten years of cumulative nursing and advanced practice nursing experience. She is a graduate of Johns Hopkins School of Nursing and The University of Texas Health Sciences Center in San Antonio. She has experience in both inpatient and outpatient mental healthcare settings, as well as experience working in the public school system with children and adolescents. She has a special interest in treating mood and anxiety disorders, however, she is experienced in working with attention-deficit disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, and behavioral disorders. She brings a fresh and evidence-based approach to her treatment and enjoys working collaboratively with the entire treatment team as well as the client to develop the best-individualized treatment plan for each individual.


Brittany and her family relocated from Utah to Texas in 2020 to be closer to family, though she has continued to provide Telehealth services to clients in Utah. She has found Telehealth to be an exciting and innovative means of providing quality and convenient medication management and psychiatric care to clients. 

"Experiencing mental illness can be debilitating, can feel impossible to recover from, and can greatly impact relationships with those around you. The opportunity to lessen the burden of mental illness on someone's life by giving them a sense of purpose, hope, and joy back, and allowing for improvement in functioning in their careers, home life, and/or relationships is why I have chosen to do what I do."

Administrative Team

Supporting you in your journey to feel better is really an awesome part of my life.  You are worth it, and I’m excited to help you get there!


Michaela Townsend

Clinical Administration Assistant

Michaela is a key part of our admin team at MVFT!  She assists with clinical administration tasks and client care support. Michaela loves traveling, spending time in the outdoors and is a foodie!  She is also a student at Westminster studying clinical mental health counseling.  

Heather Wilson.jpg

Heather Wilson

Human Resources Manager

Heather is a new addition to our Mountain View Family Therapy team.  She has 20 years of admin experience and loves to help employees feel at home in the workplace and fulfilled in their careers.  Besides her usual Human Resources duties, her background includes editing, registration/admissions at Utah State University and accounting at Merit Medical.  

Heather has 3 children and loves to spend time with her husband and kids playing games, hiking, camping, laughing and watching movies.  She likes to read, sing, listen to all kinds of music and loves all things chocolate/mint!



Client Care Coordinator

Sabrina is Mountain View Family Therapy's new client care expert.  She specializes in handling scheduling, helping clients match to the right therapist and supporting clients and staff throughout the clinical journey.